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Dr Ted Loder (ET’S ARE HERE) Interplanetary War

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15 Unexplained Human Disappearances

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Identified Flying Object Two dimension and multi-dimensional worlds

CIA’s latest hypersonic spy plane, Aurora, is capable of flying at altitudes of at least 200,000 feet (40 miles) and at speeds of Mach 6 (4000 miles per hour) or greater. While it represents a spectacular leap forward in aircraft technology, it is improbable that it was developed from information obtained from captured alien spacecraft. […]

The Great Deception

If we have a conspiracy on our hands, let’s get it right! In offering an analysis of the report The Grand Cosnpiracy, I will make particular note of a number of inaccuracies and inconsistencies which should be readily apparent to most knowledgeable readers. It should already be obvious that a number of unusual and severe […]