I have always been a searcher after truth and knowledge.  I am sure that at many times I must have been frustrating to my parents and teachers alike, because simple explanations were not enough for me.  If someone told me something I would always answer with either “WHY?” or “How come,” or some other appeal for more information.

Pat answers and “explanations” learned by rote have never impressed me much.  It was never enough to be told something was true, I had to keep on digging and look further for more information.  This was because I believed that there should be PROOF for something before I believed it.

Thus, at a young age – sometime in junior high, I think – I announced to my parents that it was my learned opinion at that point that “only a fool doesn’t believe in evolution.”  I was even beginning to wonder if God Himself might be more akin to the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus than most think.

As “science” was presented in the classroom, it seemed like a slam dunk.  Superstition and stories out, science in! It was all so clear, or so it seemed.

But, the longer I looked at things, and the longer I kept asking “Why?”, the less clear everything seemed.  I discovered that science was not so certain about many things after all.  That was why they called almost everything the THEORY of this or that, because no one could agree on what the TRUTH of almost anything was.

But religion was no better.  All my local minister could seem to do was repeat that “you have to have faith,” or “we take that on faith, John.”  But at that time in my life, blind faith just didn’t work.  It still doesn’t.

Then, I began to delve into areas of study that religious people called dangerous, and scientists at that time called BUNK.  ESP, flying saucers, aliens.  There seemed to be so much evidence that something was up, but neither science nor religion seemed to have the answer.

Instead of examining the evidence, most in the religious field called such things “the work of Satan,” while science just sidestepped the issue and said “most of it is probably a hoax.”

To this day, most of the world is stuck in these same two ruts.  Of course, we have the UFO and paranormal people, but most consider them to be on the fringes of sanity. 

But just WHAT are the answers?  It seems that we are full of questions, but have so few answers. 

After thousands of years of human history and “development,” the pat answers of “that is a mystery,” or “we really should not ask those questions” just don’t work anymore.  And the official brush off with the label: TOP SECRET!  NATIONAL SECURITY! just doesn’t cut it anymore either.  I mean, just who do these guys think THEY are kidding, anyway?  And who believes ANYTHING they say anymore, after decades and centuries of lying?

The old saying, which actually comes from Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, if I am not mistaken, sums this up beautifully: “There is something rotten in the State of Denmark.”   That is what we have to think when faced with a barrage of official denials, obfuscations, dodging the questions, and pleas of ignorance from ALL “official” sources, whether they be religious, governmental, or scientific.  To one who has always wanted to get to the heart of the matter, such evasiveness is merely an open invitation to dig ever deeper, truly going where no modern man or woman has dared to go before!

We are NOT discussing trivial issues or questions here, either.  Questions like “What is man?”  “Why was I born?” and “What is the real purpose for my life?” just won’t go away.   Sometimes I wish they would.  It certainly would be more calm and relaxing to be like almost everyone else and just accept the pabulum that those “official” sources of every stripe give in answer to the big questions than to reject those non answers and keep digging, let me tell you!  But, being me, I just can’t let it go, and maybe you are just a little bit like me if you are bothering to read this book.

12 years ago, I wrote a book that I thought had “all the answers,” called The Restoration of Truth.  And, as far as that book goes, it is perfectly fine and does answer many of the questions we have.  Unfortunately, since then, MUCH more has come to my attention, and so this book you are now reading is the result of much more understanding and knowledge than I had then.  If you have read that other book, you will soon begin to see what I mean.


The Answers to the Big Questions


I have discovered that there ARE answers to the above questions, and many more, such as “Was Atlantis real?”  “Have aliens really visited this earth?”  What kind of life, if any, exists in outer space?”  “Why are the mainstream science, governmental, and religious sources so nervous to discuss subjects like these and others?”

What about ESP?  Are these natural human gifts, figments of our imaginations, or works of Satan?

Further, what is the true history of our planet, the solar system, and the universe?

Is there really some kind of “Illuminati reptilian conspiracy” as some claim?

What is the “New World Order” really all about – or is it the figment of some “conspiracy nut’s” imagination?

And, if the conspiracy really is true, WHY would they want to do the horrible things they are accused of?

What about cattle mutilations?  Alien abductions and sex experiments? 

Is there really life after death?  Does God exist, and if so, CAN YOU PROVE IT?

Was Jesus Christ for real, or just some figment of the imagination?  Did He die and ascend to heaven, or did He fake it and move to France to raise a family with Mary Magdalene as some claim?

Is religion just the “opiate of the people,” or is there something behind it that is real?

Do people have free moral agency, or is everything predestined in advance, cast in stone and unchangeable?

Is there any such thing as the “Lost Ten Tribes of Israel?” – and are they REALLY lost?

And why is it that man and society seem to almost always make the wrong choices?

After all, free and abundant energy for all was discovered at the turn of the last century, as well as cures for all diseases, and many other good things.

Based on the foundation of those discoveries, by now we should be living in a disease free utopia and the human race should already be in space, with colonies already on the closest stars!  But, because of certain CHOICES, instead, we are earth bound with an “energy crisis,” “global warming,” and other impending disasters.  Why is this?  Is the human race insane?  Am I nuts to have said the above?

You can know the answers to MOST of these questions, and, in most cases, the truth is so shocking that it will change how you view everything in a fundamental way!

The TRUTH is out there – and it is intended that, should you seek it, you can find it!

This is because the TIME has come for the revelation of some of the most amazing answers man has sought thousands of years to discover.

Yes, you can have immortal life forever, and have a life more exciting, and more powerful than you have ever dared to imagine! 

It is time now to lift the veil of mystery, to look behind the curtain, see the wizard, and understand the answers to all of the mysteries and questions mankind has ever asked!

After reading this book, life will be a mystery no more!  You will know why, how, when, and where!  This book will shatter the veil of illusion and mystery that has held the vast majority of the human race in bondage for far too long!

You can know, AND KNOW THAT YOU KNOW more mysteries, comprehend more knowledge, and have more understanding than the initiates of all the so called secret societies and mystery schools!

It was ordained of old, before the very foundation of the earth, that a VOICE WOULD CRY OUT IN THE WILDERNESS OF CONFUSION, penetrating the deepest mysteries and secrets of the ages!   NO HUMAN WHO HAS EVER LIVED HAS UNDERSTOOD THESE THINGS AS YOU ARE ABOUT TO UNDERSTAND THEM!

This knowledge cannot come into your mind unless the secret lock within it has been opened, revealing to your eyes the answers you have always sought, and which have always been right there.  But, you cannot SEE THE OBVIOUS unless something happens in your mind, to unlock the door so that you can finally understand the wonderful truths to questions that our ancestors dared not even ask!

Now, in the fullness of time YOU CAN KNOW!

You have set forth your foot on a most amazing journey.  A journey without parallel, and totally beyond “normal” comprehension.  This journey can, quite literally, take you to galaxies, dimensions, and universes far beyond your wildest dreams or flights of fancy! 

So, if you have the courage, and if you dare to change your views on what “reality” really is, then we invite you to begin this voyage of discovery on the following page.


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