Secret Mysteries of the Ages

Secret Mysteries of the Ages!




M. John Allen


Copyright ©, 2005, by M. John Allen. All rights reserved. Permission is hereby granted for copying and redistribution of this book, as long as a link is provided to the Restoration Website, and no changes are made to the text, and that it is distributed in its entirety.


NOW, you can know the answers to the MOST IMPORTANT questions of life, and, in most cases, the truth is so shocking that it will change how you view everything in a fundamental way!

The TRUTH is out there – and it is intended that, should you seek it, you can find it!

This is because the TIME has come for the revelation of some of the most amazing answers man has sought thousands of years to discover.

Yes, you can have immortal life forever, and have a life more exciting, and more powerful than you have ever dared to imagine! 

It is time now to lift the veil of mystery, to look behind the curtain, see the wizard, and understand the answers to all of the mysteries and questions mankind has ever asked!

After reading this book, life will be a mystery no more!  You will know why, how, when, and where!  This book will shatter the veil of illusion and mystery that has held the vast majority of the human race in bondage for far too long!

You can know, AND KNOW THAT YOU KNOW more mysteries, comprehend more knowledge, and have more understanding than the initiates of all the so called secret societies and mystery schools!

It was ordained of old, before the very foundation of the earth, that a VOICE WOULD CRY OUT IN THE WILDERNESS OF CONFUSION, penetrating the deepest mysteries and secrets of the ages!   NO HUMAN WHO HAS EVER LIVED HAS UNDERSTOOD THESE THINGS AS YOU ARE ABOUT TO UNDERSTAND THEM!

This knowledge cannot come into your mind unless the secret lock within it has been opened, revealing to your eyes the answers you have always sought, and which have always been right there.  But, you cannot SEE THE OBVIOUS unless something happens in your mind, to unlock the door so that you can finally understand the wonderful truths to questions that our ancestors dared not even ask!

Now, in the fullness of time YOU CAN KNOW!

You have set forth your foot on a most amazing journey.  A journey without parallel, and totally beyond “normal” comprehension.  This journey can, quite literally, take you to galaxies, dimensions, and universes far beyond your wildest dreams or flights of fancy! 

So, if you have the courage, and if you dare to change your views on what “reality” really is, then we invite you to begin this voyage of discovery on the following page.

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