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Anunnaki and Ancient Hidden Technology

Michael Tellinger has been doing extensive work at an ancient megalithic site in S. Africa called Adam’s Calendar.  This was the site of many Annunaki works and technology, which Tellinger has been piecing together over the years. Enjoy this feature length presentation and fasten your seatbelts.   by by

Debees Ghost caught on CCTV

In my podcast on the paranormal, I discuss what ghosts are and other supernatural creatures.  You can find this and other interesting podcasts in our Mind Mechanix series which you can find on our podcast page here.   by by

The Great Deception

If we have a conspiracy on our hands, let’s get it right! In offering an analysis of the report The Grand Cosnpiracy, I will make particular note of a number of inaccuracies and inconsistencies which should be readily apparent to most knowledgeable readers. It should already be obvious that a number of unusual and severe […]

Goblins, gnomes & Fairies

Yes, the “little people” are real, but they are normally in a universe that overlaps our own and is only slightly off vibrationally. Normally you can’t see them, but every once in a while you can.  I believe in the ancient past their universe was closer to ours, so these things happened more often. We […]

20 Mysterious Photos That Should Not Exist

Here is some more very interesting stuff     by by

The Black Knight

These Videos are interesting indeed.  What is going on here? Here’s more on the Black Knight and other UFO footage:   by by