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The Secret Meaning of Alchemy

Far from being what the public has been led to believe, Alchemy’s real importance is in it’s spiritual meanings. If properly studied, it can reveal the secrets of the Universe.  Unknown to most, Isaac Newton spent more time on alchemical and Biblical research than he did on the hard sciences that he is better known […]

Pineal Gland, Third Eye-Secret of the Illuminati

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Truthernatural #1 – Summerwind House

This is nothing short of amazing.  In one of my podcasts I discuss ghosts and other phenomenon.  This subject is quite complicated.     by by

Debees Ghost caught on CCTV

In my podcast on the paranormal, I discuss what ghosts are and other supernatural creatures.  You can find this and other interesting podcasts in our Mind Mechanix series which you can find on our podcast page here.   by by

Goblins, gnomes & Fairies

Yes, the “little people” are real, but they are normally in a universe that overlaps our own and is only slightly off vibrationally. Normally you can’t see them, but every once in a while you can.  I believe in the ancient past their universe was closer to ours, so these things happened more often. We […]

Well, We’re Still Here!

We’ve finally got this website up and running again after a long hiatus.  We promise to give you the latest updates on Planet X that you can find anywhere on the net, but we will give you the facts as best we can figure it out, without the hype and BS you see elsewhere. You […]