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The Secret Meaning of Alchemy

Far from being what the public has been led to believe, Alchemy’s real importance is in it’s spiritual meanings. If properly studied, it can reveal the secrets of the Universe.  Unknown to most, Isaac Newton spent more time on alchemical and Biblical research than he did on the hard sciences that he is better known […]

Pineal Gland, Third Eye-Secret of the Illuminati

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Top 30 Mysterious Government Projects

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WHY WOULD NASA SHOW US THIS ? SOL 647 Mars Anomaly Research

It is a little known fact that Mars was pretty much like the earth as recently as maybe 10,000 years ago, but the same cataclysm, which was the close passage of Planet X, destroyed all of that and the civilization there, leaving the planet in ruins and causing the Great Flood on the earth. Other […]

Psychic Soldiers

After the Men Who Stare at Goats came out, all went silent and the military said they had cancelled the project  Yeah, right  Here is what we know:     by by