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6/08/2015 — Mount Sinabung erupts — Lake Toba Supervolcano now steaming +emitting foul odors of gas

Western Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung has been placed on high alert for what is being called a “mega-eruption” for several km/miles around the volcano. Photo from Indonesia press showing new activity (June 2015) at Mount Sinabung, prompting evacuations around the area. ________ Video reports coming out from the region show ash, steam, and eruptive blasts currently […]

WHY WOULD NASA SHOW US THIS ? SOL 647 Mars Anomaly Research

It is a little known fact that Mars was pretty much like the earth as recently as maybe 10,000 years ago, but the same cataclysm, which was the close passage of Planet X, destroyed all of that and the civilization there, leaving the planet in ruins and causing the Great Flood on the earth. Other […]

Is Yellowstone About to Blow

This BBC documentary was never allowed to air in the US because it was felt the US public couldn’t handle the truth.  We feel you have a right to know.  This is the full documentary.   YELLOWSTONE SUPERVOLCANO The Scenario Played Out por TATS-2-MIN-NEWS by by