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“Shadow People” Mystery Solved? Proof Dimensions Are Merging?

A very interesting video giving lots to think about.     by by

Who shot the neandherthal man? Kabwe Skull (Ancient Aliens)

So, are ancient aliens responsible for this, or time travellers, or?   by by

Dr Ted Loder (ET’S ARE HERE) Interplanetary War

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WHY WOULD NASA SHOW US THIS ? SOL 647 Mars Anomaly Research

It is a little known fact that Mars was pretty much like the earth as recently as maybe 10,000 years ago, but the same cataclysm, which was the close passage of Planet X, destroyed all of that and the civilization there, leaving the planet in ruins and causing the Great Flood on the earth. Other […]

15 Unexplained Human Disappearances

Some of these are mind blowing.   by by

150,000-Year-Old Pipes Baffle Scientists in China ! PROOF YOU HAVE BEEN LIED TO

The evidence just keeps on piling up.  There was at least one ancient civilization on this planet in the past and the government knows about it but they LIE. The LIE about UFO’s, free energy…. anything that can BENEFIT man while they prop up the lies that seek only to deceive, rob and steal…… These […]

Orb and Sphere from outer space that react to stimuli -1972-4

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UFO Shows Up On Russian TV In Russia, June 2014

Isn’t it interesting how in Russia and some other countries there is oen acknowledgment of UFO’s, while the USSA government just denies them and ignores the issue? I suppose there are multiple reasons, but free energy used by the aliens is a big issue for the Oligarchs, plus our idiotic religions are in denial too. […]

Identified Flying Object Two dimension and multi-dimensional worlds

CIA’s latest hypersonic spy plane, Aurora, is capable of flying at altitudes of at least 200,000 feet (40 miles) and at speeds of Mach 6 (4000 miles per hour) or greater. While it represents a spectacular leap forward in aircraft technology, it is improbable that it was developed from information obtained from captured alien spacecraft. […]

Anunnaki and Ancient Hidden Technology

Michael Tellinger has been doing extensive work at an ancient megalithic site in S. Africa called Adam’s Calendar.  This was the site of many Annunaki works and technology, which Tellinger has been piecing together over the years. Enjoy this feature length presentation and fasten your seatbelts.   by by