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GIANT Alien Dome 10 Times Size Of Empire State On Ceres Found 6/18/2015

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The Transcension Hypothesis – What comes after the singularity?

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George Noory: The Coming Staged Alien Invasion

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FO News: UFO Seen Crashing In The Netherlands

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Max Igan in conversation with John Lash

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“Shadow People” Mystery Solved? Proof Dimensions Are Merging?

A very interesting video giving lots to think about.     by by

Who shot the neandherthal man? Kabwe Skull (Ancient Aliens)

So, are ancient aliens responsible for this, or time travellers, or?   by by

Dr Ted Loder (ET’S ARE HERE) Interplanetary War

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WHY WOULD NASA SHOW US THIS ? SOL 647 Mars Anomaly Research

It is a little known fact that Mars was pretty much like the earth as recently as maybe 10,000 years ago, but the same cataclysm, which was the close passage of Planet X, destroyed all of that and the civilization there, leaving the planet in ruins and causing the Great Flood on the earth. Other […]

15 Unexplained Human Disappearances

Some of these are mind blowing.   by by