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Antarctica Unveiled (Pt. 2 of 3) – A conversation with Cliff High

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Clif High: Time 3.1: Our Bodies, Time, & Quantum Entanglement

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Clif High: Time 3.2-How I Learned to Control Time On My Summer Vacation

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Legends say mysterious women built the megaliths of Portugal

Prehistoric Europeans told legends about powerful, mysterious female makers of European stone tombs called dolmens and cromlechs. On the one hand, they were said to bestow riches and fertility on individuals, and fantastic gifts like brewing beer and farming; all they wanted in return was a little milk. On the other hand, they were described […]

In Other News

There has been a lot of activity on our other sites you may find to be of interest.  At Destiny Central, we have published the plans for a free energy device you can build at home.  Click here to go to the page. Virtual Outsourcing has become the first Bitcoin employer for in home workers […]